Monday, October 13, 2008

It's a good day.

Here's a shot I've been dying to do. It's kinda been done a lot, but I don't care, I still love it.

The ring is Gene's and the bible is from my childhood. Lots of times there's 2 rings on there, but my ring will not work because the stone is so heavy, it flips the ring up. I used a regular light bulb to create the pretty shadow, thus the yellow color, but I really liked that look so I kept it.

Yesterday, Gene put a storm door on our back deck door and I painted the doors. I've always thought that doors need to be red. I always want red doors! (this is my third red door fyi). Second choice was a green door, but we decided that with the green roof, log siding and red doors, it will pop. Front door doesn't really matter - I just painted it because I could. It will be replaced probably in the spring. Actually we're moving the door location completely and will have a really large entry door with sidelights.

Last night, after everything was done, and supper was ate (gene smoked brisket), we just sat out on the back deck and enjoyed the nice weather. Good thing because it's rainy and yucky today!
Sunset is probably my favorite time of the day. I love that 20 minute window where every little cloud catches on fire. My favorite part is the airplanes and how they look like very sloooooow shooting stars. (see photo below).
This was the actual sunset, but when I walked out, I was like "wow". Well duh, I had sunglasses on. So I decided to see what would happen if I shot through my sunglasses. It worked!

Little out of focus, but it was a fun/cheap filter on the fly. Saves a ton of time post processing.
Next time I would slow down and try to focus or hold the glasses with the other hand. It's a 3 handed job!

Did my taxes today. Yes folks, I file extensions every year. I procrastinate it always. (tax free loan for the government - just trying to do my part to help the economy ya know). So anway, getting a decent return.. yay.

Unfortunately, last night I was on craigslist and saw a canon 30d - GOOD DEAL. But I didn't have the taxes done yet, so I didn't know if we'd have a decent return or not. ARgh.. I'm second in line. I'm kinda hoping I can get it - it's cheaper than my camera brand new!

I feel like I've gotten so much accomplished today, and it's only 2:30! ahhh..
Going to work on editing some photos and assembling albums this afternoon.. after I go buy my man some milk so he can have breakfast in the morning and not be growly at me. lol

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