Saturday, October 18, 2008

A peek for Eric

Today I did a shoot for Eric. Eric just so happens to be the son of two people that I went to High School with, so I got to revel him with stories of his Mom, Dad and uncle Jeremy. LOL

He has his Dad's eyes - and his mom's hair. You can definitely tell who he belongs to.

Wonderful guy, and just awesome to take photos of. Can't hardly take a bad shot of him! Well, except he's REALLY TALL and I'm REALLY NOT so I had to get out the step ladder a few times ;)

He's a wee bit of an urban rocker type, and I think mom is a bit of a country girl time, so we found a happy medium so everyone could be happy.

Other news to report... but that will be another post. It's late, I probably am off to bed ASAP!

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