Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Woke up today with a serious crick in my neck. Always from my pillow shifting (I use a feather pillow) and causing my chin to be buried in my neck. Hurts after a while. Well, got a headache - which got worse and worse to the point of my vision on the left being *very weird*. Got worried. Drank a diet coke (thought maybe it was lack of caffiene). Nope - didn't work. Finally dragged myself into town and on the way decided I'd just go by the chiro to see if he had any openings. I waited all of about 5 min.

He cracked me a few times and I took advil. Headache calmed down, but I can still feel my neck aching.

Ended up going to St. Joe to buy some things for the bridal fair coming up. I needed some paper and some wedding-ish things. I have some ideas that I want to implement. Well, got out at Hobby Lobby, and as I was locking the doors I realized CRAP - I forgot to leave tanner's papers in town for him (he delivers papers). SIGH.

So I only when to HL for about 45 min and then came straight home so he'd have them when he got off the bus. What a pain. New rule, no more putting off papers until Monday night (meaning I have to drag them into town). I ended up having to go to town twice, and on a day I really should have stayed in bed.

On the up side, I did sleep like a log 2 nights in a row. No idea what's up, but it sure felt good. I'm a really weird dreamer - meaning I will dream wild, out there, crazy crap. Usually it keeps me from sleeping really well.

In a way, it was good I got home early because the mail man came to the house and had my delivery of prints - I hope he wouldn't have left them outside - that would have been a mess because it rained all day. So, my 8 x 10 album got assembled today and it looks REALLY NICE. I'm so impressed with the quality of prints and the album is awesome. Loving it.

I did also pick up a couple little things to make information for the brides with. I'm really working on branding of the business.

Just wanted to share this really bad picture. Dunno why I love it. It's old. Me and Gene laying on a beach, enjoying the sun, sticking out like a sore thumb because we're the only 2 with jeans on, and he's the only one in the tri-county area with a cowboy hat on. LOL. and probably the only one with a diamondback hat band. Was going through some old pics again - still looking for one pic in particular for Love Thursday over on shutter sisters and CAN'T FIND IT.

So annoying.

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