Saturday, October 11, 2008

I know you've been stalking the blog waiting for this ....

Drumroll please!!

For more information:

It's looked pretty much like that for the past week. It's been there the whole time :p I just needed to do a little bit of tweaking of a few items. The gallery will need more updating, but that will always be an ongoing project.

Hope you enjoy!
Today, Gene worked out in the shed. So much to get cleaned up out there. I worked on the site and editing photos. Took a break to run to town and ate out for lunch - nothing exciting, just McDonalds but time together alone.

Gene "celebrated" with his favorite things:

Lounging outside on the back deck, scratching off lottery tickets. LOL. Keeps him entertained, and they're not *too* expensive. He did win $150 over the past 2 days. New tires for the car! woohoo.

Popped into the HyVee liquor store for this... He wanted Arturo Fuentes, but ended up with a couple fonsecas instead. Hope that doesn't become a habit again!

We also rented "Don't mess with the Zohan". omg.. STUPID. There were a few funny parts, but overall, incredibly stupid. Glad it only cost $1 at redbox.

Speaking of redbox. If you want to get a one night free rental, use the promo code: "Breakroom" We used it like 4 times on 4 different cards LOL. You can also sign up on their site for free rentals on Monday and Wednesday. I have it texted to my cell phone.

Supper was chicken wings - yes, left over from the wedding! heh. Decided that I *so* did not want to cook. They actually were pretty good reheated.

Other than that, nothing terribly exciting!

Back to editing more pics. Almost done with the Tayen shoot.

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