Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yay for days that don't suck!

I have news... but first:

Couple senior photos for Seth. Of course, this is nothing that would EVER go into the yearbook or senior slide show. Didn't turn out exactly as I was imagining it, but I'm 75% happy with it. The top one is my favorite.

Now, for the wee bit of good news and then the big good news.

Wee good news:

We got new phones! YAY! Finally. Mine had been just turning off in the middle of a call (on full charge) and Gene all the sudden couldn't get a signal most of the time, so we decided to get new ones. To be fair, those tiny sliders we had lasted us over 3 years so they were really good phones. They had nothing like those for the new ones :( We switched carriers too, and now I get 2-4 bars *in my house*. I no longer have to stand by the sink to talk on the phone.

really good news:

Last night after I posted, I started to head off to bed, but instead decided to peruse ebay. I bought a new camera!! It's a lightly used Canon 30D and I even got 10% off from ebay by using paypal (had a code they emailed me). SCORE. It was just the body, but I didn't need a lense anyway. I had a buget in mind, and I came up short almost $200!! So I think I might buy myself a new lense too! (or a flash, I need want both).

And to top off my day, and it's only 9:30, I have several ppl interested in photography work! YAY!!

PS. Did I mention gas in Maryville is $2.18/gallon?? :p

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