Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blast from my Past.

I was looking for a picture from California, in particular for "Love Thursday" over at Shutter Sisters. Looking through my "vacation" photos I found this. Not that it was lost, just that I hadn't looked at them in a while. They made me laugh, brought back good memories so humor me while I reminisce a bit.

November 2002 Stacy and I decided to road trip it to Denver. Memory Makers magazine was looking for writers and had a workshop. I had a car, I had some money, and I had a really good friend. We headed out fairly early one morning.

{I still own this car - it still looks almost exactly like that - only more gravel dust}

Just fyi... Kansas is really really flat. So is a whole bunch of Colorado.

Stacy and I met in High School, freshman year. Typical teenage girl stuff, giggly and dorky. We were meant to be friends. Well, we wrote stupid stories and of course, we were always the main characters. I still had one of these (and I still do, but now i don't know where it is!). I brought it along and we laughed so hard, I thought I'd have to stop the car. I'd share the story if it wasn't so stupid and embarrassing.

We made signs for other drivers - which only got us into trouble and one mild car chase.

When we got tired, we sang along with the radio, and if we didn't know the words, we'd say "quack" instead. It stuck - we still do sometimes.

It should have taken around 11-12 hours. It took us 14.

Look at me, rockin' the workout gear. This was about all I wore for about 4 years. Well, not just this outfit, others like it too. This I'm guessing - about 35 lbs ago. I'm on my way back baby!

We found a scrapbook store on the way, and had this brilliant idea we'd take pictures of them all. Unfortunately, I let Stacy take some pictures and god knows where they are now! (she had a house fire - only some pics were saved).

PS. I kinda miss my hair like this (no bangs)

PPS I still have that shirt. It's packed away until I can wear it again - oh, and I will.

First time we ever saw an Archiver's. We thought it was full of awesome sauce. It's still pretty cool and awesome saucy, but since it's nearly our only choice, it's a good thing we kinda still like it.

And here's Denver at night. We drove up into the mountains - somewhere there are photos of Stacy and I in funny buffalo hats - not sure where they went off to. We stopped on the way down at this rocky overlook - at night. Stacy wigged out and wouldn't walk up it. *I* am the one afraid of heights.

All photos taken with my crappy little 1.3 mega pixel (maybe it was 2.0) point and shoot digital. Which at the time, was OK.

Nice to see my photography skills have improved.

I'm feeling another Thelma and Louise moment coming on. I need to drag Stacy along again - now.. destination? Someplace warm - that's all that matters.

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