Friday, May 18, 2012

All we need are some fuzzy dice and a disco ball

Easter Sunday, we decided to make a loop.

You know, make a loop... visit people in a big old circle roundabout.  We visited Gene's youngest granddaughter Bailey (a surprise visit), then off to visit Gene's parents, but we all decided to just meet at his brother's house instead and chat for a bit.

In that one hour-ish time frame, the talk of grandma's car came up... again.  Gene's grandma's car had been in his parent's garage for a decade.  Grandma has long passed.  Basement needs to be shifted to fix some foundation work.  Grandma's car needs a new home.

Gene, never a man to turn down a freebie challenge, he got with his brother and crafted a plan to bring the car 2 hours north to our house.  Gene will fix it up and it'll be his back up commuter car.

A week or so later, in rolls Gene's brother Steve.  He's the Jewish brother.  You know, the one that doesn't eat pork.  (psst, he's really not Jewish)

Ever hear a tall tale about a guy that doesn't like bacon?

Hello everyone, meet Steve.  Short of his bacon deficiencies, he's a really nice guy and has been a wonderful brother in law.  In fact, all my BILs are pretty great.  I lucked out in that department.

Anyway, delivery payment was some t-bone steaks and big fat baked potatoes.

In return, Gene has yet one more summer project to work on.  I'm thinking orange flames.  Who's with me?


50k original miles.
the true "grandma car"

In the meantime, it's being put to great use!

It's like a nightclub for chickens. 

They call it "Studio LTD"

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