Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How you get a corn field


1. You're doing dishes when you hear something really loud.  You rush to look out the window and you see a planter!

Oh wait.  It's not a planter.  It's just tilling.  *sad face*

2. But wait!  Several hours later there's another noise, and you rush to the window again and you see this!  A planter.  Is it beans? (boo!) or is it corn? (yay!)

Oh the anticipation.

3. Wait for the farmers to leave, and the rain they anticipated yet you did not.   Take out one of your good table spoons and trek out to a muddy field with boo kitty.  Pet boo while he rolls in the mud.  Dig around aimlessly.  Find nothing.

Trek to another spot.  Pet boo kitty some more.  Get muddy hands.  Dig more.

4. We have corn!  I swear that's corn.  Be excited about your free 8 foot privacy fence, wind reduction, a haven for critters that's not my back deck, wind rustling through the leaves.

Corn party at my house!

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