Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's official.. I'm THAT lady in the neighborhood


So for a couple weeks now, I've been seeing this pretty little siamese kitty darting about, on the deck eating Boo Kitty's food, shooting out from under the deck and then out under the shed where there must be some sort of party pad.

Pretty skittish, and won't even come close - until today.

I had picked up Boo Kitty, because once a day he lets me pick him up and love on him, when out of nowhere little thai boo kitty (she's siamese you see) comes out and starts meowing.

A little coaxing, and I had Thai boo kitty up on the deck and letting me give a few rubbins.  Thai boo kitty was HUNGRY.  Big gulps of food that were barely chewed.

It was all a ploy of course, I wanted to see if this kitty was a boy, or a girl. 
Verdict is in - it's a girl. 

Wondering how long it will be before Boo Kitty is a baby daddy.

(probably, in about 3 months, with my luck - yikes)

(For real, if you want a beautiful siamese cat, I'm looking for a good home for her.  I don't think she's PG to be honest)

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Nicki said...

We have an animal clinic that "fixes" cats for a very reasonable cost - like every 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. Maybe there is something similar near you so hopefully you become over run with little itty bitty boo kitties everywhere. Thai boo kitty is beautiful.

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