Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Monday!

I'm happy. seriously. Tons of stuff to do, stressful stuff (including tax stuff), work on the unemployment stuff, work on the make some $$ stuff, and still, I just feel happy. That's so foreign to me... I went so long living my life feeling sad... or nothing.... that to wake up and just be happy is bizarre.

Maybe it's this guy....

Or maybe it's just me. Maybe depression really isn't forever.
Anyway, not much to report over the weekend, except for our NEW pet raccoon. No really, and her litter.. living under our house. Yeehaw country livin'. We've been seeing her, and knew she was around but we figured out sunday she has a litter under the house. Between the Critters R Us guy, and our live trap, we're hoping we can relocate her, or she'll relocate herself.
Still not sure of what is so great about here, but apparently she thinks it's pretty hot digs.
Raccoons really are cute.
OK, stuff to get done, still have lots of odds and ends to finish up today. Blah blah.. got some stuff out of the way that I hated doing (and took like 4 min so why I put it off I'll never understand). Other stuff probably won't be quite so quick.
Quick like a bandaid - rip it off!

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