Monday, April 21, 2008

ok, I'm over it...


I told you I'd be back. It's slightly after noon.

Let's make this a quick story so I can accomplish other stuff today. I worked at Kenton Auto Glass for around 18 months. Gene worked there for almost 2 years. I really liked the job because I was *really* good at it. I jokingly told my boss all the time that I was really the boss and it was my shop. I was only half kidding. :)

I never realized that I'd be so good at glass. I loved the interaction with my regulars, helping gain new accounts by *just being myself*. I certainly made the company a LOT of money, especially the $31k past due accounts I collected for them in my first few months there.

So, the shop was in North Kansas City, and we're real north of that... do the math. It was about 1.25 hours to work but it really didn't seem so bad.... UNTIL.... they moved to Olathe. And then it was just too much. I still did my job the best I could, but I totally felt off my A game there. I guess because it was just different. I was more tired as it added almost another 1/2 hour *each way* to our drive.

Gene found a job closer to home at another glass shop, so we decided he should go with that, and I would leave as I obviously could not keep driving without him, halving our income yet still having that large gas bill.

So I gave notice too. I was really mad at them for a while, putting me in that situation. But when it got down to the last couple days, I realized that I didn't *really* want to go. I would miss *my* guys... and they were. I took care of them for 1.5 years and streamlined their jobs, my job and how that shop ran. To the point of wondering why they needed 2 CSR's to start with.

So Friday, time to go and Pat got me crying early in the day. not on purpose of course. Pat has always been wonderful to me and I absolutely adore him. Rob, which we call the absent minded professor, made me cry too. Who is going to make sure that he has his phone, his work orders, etc? And even tho I was really mad at Roy (the boss) for the move, I was sad to say goodbye, because regardless of the situation(s) I spent more time with him probably than anyone - including Gene so we were friends too. I will even miss grumpy Kevin. It took me a long time to figure out that his grumpiness is just a cover for the gooey creamy insides he really has.

I think the thing that makes me so upset is knowing they were not left in "good hands" IMO. I'm not sure the new office staff will be able to handle the situation, or be able to take care of MY guys.

BUT... all this is out of my hands. This weekend I took some time to contemplate that. All these decisions were made for me so regardless of me hating how it all went down, I went out honoring my two weeks notice, selling glass up to the last minute and making sure that all my t's were crossed and i's were dotted.

I did what I promised. I was more committed to them, than they were to me. Sad, but apparently true.

ANYWAY... I will not dwell on it any longer.

I'm trying to keep up some sort of schedule. I think I'll listen to Johnny Dare on 98.9 every day, just like I did before, and I'm listening to Dave Ramsey right now. In fact, I won Rockfest tickets this morning from HOME. I so rock :)

This weekend, we took a few min (almost literally) to try to get some engagement photos for the paper and for our invites. They were really some of the last things I was needing to get the invites done.

Thought I'd share:

I kinda like this guy. Can ya tell?

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Emma said...

Michael: Wow the old man has gotten, greyer MUahaha

ok onto MY comments lol, I LOVE those photos, you two look SO happy together it makes me smile. Im stealing pics again to print off and frame! Love you guys!

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