Friday, April 25, 2008

Well, he's stuck now.

I was so excited, this is something I've really looked forward to... seeing our engagement announcement in the newspaper

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I guess it's that it just makes it so real! Not that it wasn't before but you know, seeing it in print :)

I had intended to surprise Gene with it (well I did), but in that attempt, I put Olathe SOUTH. I was wrong. LOL. Whatever - I think it's idiotic that you need to put your high school in there when you graduated 20-30 years ago. I shoulda just left it out.

Did a dry run on our wedding cake yesterday. yeah, I'm going to make it. I wasn't worried about the frosting as I just wanted a taste of the cake (red velvet). I also made the topper for it which I *love*. I'm excited, there'll be one cutting cake, and then I'm doing individual cakes for everyone.

Started to work out my photography site yesterday and didn't get very far. I think I might be overthinking the whole process. I might just make it a simple 5 page site with a small gallery. I'm going to attempt a slide show, I've never done one!

Torrie and Tayen stopped by on Wednesday eve. She was grumpy (well, Tayen first, then torrie cuz of Tayen. LOL) She's sure a cutie pie.

Nothing else to advertise. Must get to work! I think I'll hit some friday garage sales today, I've not done that for AGES!

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