Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Project: sloth

My second day unemployed. It's weird. Yesterday I felt like a real slacker. I went to town to run some errands and had to go to walmart. I know it's strange but I kept thinking "why aren't you at work?" to ppl that I didn't think should be out shopping at noon on a Monday. I know.... rude.

I promised myself that I'd take 2 days to do *whatever I wanted*. Including watching TV, sitting in my pajamas reading blogs, etc.

So yesterday I hit every single blog, watched hardly any TV (which I'm finding out i'm not a huge TV watcher anymore), ran errands, and did some paperwork. Not very fun or "vacation-y".

So today I will continue the slacker theme. I'm thinking a bra sometime around 4 p.m. will be the plan :p

*just kidding - I have to go to town again.. no need to scare the natives* Already watched two DVR episodes of "Rich bride, poor bride". It's bad when you say "wow, only $20,000 for a wedding budget, that's really cheap". ACK. LOL. (Our budget its like $3,000 and I'm close to done.)

Going to finish the wedding invites today. They are HEAVY. And for REAL I'm so tired of cutting little tiny pictures. (think over 100 - BLAH) And I haven't even started on the reception invites yet.

I'm contemplating a "project". 2 years ago, I did "on this day in may" project. I just did it for fun, and it was! I took 25 pictures every single day with my CAMERA PHONE and emailed them tomyself and then made a scrapbook page of that day. Rules: at least one pic of myself, pic of what time I got up and what time I went to bed. I picked May because it was busy that month. Saw Gene twice, Torrie's Bachelorette party (I got sooooo sick! lol), went to California... etc etc etc.

No idea this time, not sure exactly what to do. I saw once where a guy took a picture of everything he ate for one year... and made a book... and it sold well! *weird* Sorry, I would get bored real quick. And everyone would get tired of seeing hamburger helper and diet coke. LOL.

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