Friday, May 6, 2011

I officially live in a gated community!


I've already told you how Tanner is my little project manager. He's made several successful projects, the most recent being the compost bin he made in an afternoon.

If I want to get something done, I just comment to Tanner how much I'd like to have XXX and within days he's usually on it. This will probably work great until he's married and a wife takes up all his free time with her own projects.

Because of this, I forbid Tanner to get married.

(that and 14 other reasons the first being: "Wahhhhh.. my baby!!")

Working on the little garden at the end of the house -which was kind of both our ideas, and was going to be Tanner's project. However, it's a pretty overwhelming project so I've been doing all of the pickets myself (all hand cut, individually painted - it sucks.

Just sayin'.

Tanner's part of the project was putting down all the landscape fabric (we kinda argued over some placement but he finally saw the light when I said "We're doing it my way!!"), digging the fence posts and placing them (great job), putting in the rails (this is where he was cussing - which isn't really cussing but you could tell he wanted to).

His latest job was this:


Building the gate.

There was some discussion about design - I wanted a gate with a curve at the top, he wanted to use some pickets that were extras we weren't using. I, being lazy and not wanting to cut 10 more, caved.

He did it all, measure, cut paint, assembly. I helped him hang it, and we both scratched our heads over the hinges for a good 10 minutes. Weez r smartz.

He told me that was one of the better projects he's ever made, with a completely satisfied look on his face. With that, I agree - and even if I didn't, he looked so satisfied that I'd agree with whatever it looked like.

You may mail my mother of the year award to....
Lana Cease
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Anonymous said...

Way to go Tanner! very nice job.

Oh wait, Lana! Nice job too! (sorry)

LisaDay said...

That's an impressive fence. I cant' draw a straight line with a ruler so fence building is out for me.


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