Monday, May 9, 2011

Sssssomething kinda Ssssssscary Visssssitsssss

You are about to see something you might find VERY SCARY.

you were warned.


Yesterday my husband worked on a few projects for me. Mainly, he helped plant a couple trees that were my mother's day gift. They were replacement trees for the two trees a deer killed by rubbing off all the bark.


I still have the hankerin for some deer jerky over that whole deal.

I have faith in my new trees. I think they will.. they are noshing on chicken poop compost as we speak.

Grow trees grow!

He also mowed the yard. Yay! Our mower had been in the shop for about a month, so it was looking a little ragged around here. We were looking a little like the Clampets, before they moved to cali-forny and got a cement pond. That may, however, have stirred up this:


He didn't want to be caught. Probably out for lunch and a little warming in the sun, but instead he ran into a glass man. Of course, I had to have photos and get a closer inspection. I think it's just a red sided garter snake. He was pretty big, and kinda fat.


He posed for a couple shots, then Gene carried him to our drive in diner....


Vole Central.

HA! Gene put him straight down the hole and something tells me, there's a whole bunch of "Vole nuggets" from their unexpected visitor. I hope he had a big fat tasty treat. I hope he also invites 7 of his closest friends to come feast.

Later, Tanner comes in the house and says "there's a poisonous snake in the driveway."

Say *what*?

Of course, I need to inspect closer, again and I come out to Gene driving over it. It was a wee snake about 6 inches long. Gene determined it was a "copperhead". I determined he was smoking crack.

It looked more like a checkered back garter snake to me. I think he was just being a boy and looking for something to kill.

Not cool.

He felt bad after he came in and read that copperheads aren't as dangerous as people say they are, and are often unduly killed.

*insert disgusted look*

I do apologise though, that you had to see something kinda scary. You know, my husband, without his shirt on.



Swimtaxi said...

I HATE voles, so I did smile when I read about the voles getting a visitor. LOL

Mick said...

sure are a lot of posts holding down that tree...

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