Thursday, August 9, 2012

Colorado, in a nutshell

Decided it would be easiest just to give you the readers digest version of the trip to CO.

  1. We drove.  It seemed like a longer drive than ever.  Contiental drift? 
  2. Lots of failed attempts at antique shopping.  Took us into parts we were scared we wouldn't come out of.
  3. I had a really bad day one day.  I kind of was a PITA.  I was hell bent on staying in Estes Park at least one day.  When I booked the hotel, I didn't see "Loveland" as the address.  We didn't even have a view of the mountains.  *insert unhappy face*.  Add that to rain every farking day and it was a recipe for disaster.
  4. This is the same day that we decided to walk across town to ride the tram (fun but kinda of cheesy).  It was only "a couple blocks". 
  5. It was not.
  6. I was wearing flip flops.
  7. Gene left me at a tackle store... in the rain... to go get the car because my flip flop was rubbing my foot badly.  Really stupid move.  I had no money, no purse, my cell phone was dead, holding a really expensive camera and I was in a town by myself I didn't know anyone.  I r smartz.
  8. When he got back about 1/2 hour later I went to get in the car, the seat would work.  Yep, passenger seat broke and would only stay in the laying back position.
  9. I was unhappy. *dark picture*
  10. Arguement
  11. Make up.
  12. Spent the next morning in the parking lot of an upholstry repair place (they were great!) as they tried to fix it.  Come to find out, it was a part that we didn't even need, that broke loose and was jamming up the seat.  $65 later, and all it was was a piece of garbage stuck up in there.
  13. Jeeps are sometimes a PITA too.
  14. We fed the chipmunks.  It's my happy place - but we did it in the rain.
  15. Followed around a female elk.  Bogged up traffic and Gene got mad when someone honked at him.
  16. Stayed in the coolest hotel with huge photographic murals everywhere. 
  17. I now want a huge photo mural in my bedroom.  So gonna do that.
  18. Ate the most expensive meal of my entire life at this hotel (dang I need to remember the name of it!)
  19. Gene and I stopped at the house he used to live at in Aurora.  His son Michael was born shortly after they moved from there.
  20. The windmill fields are another of my happy places.
  21. I don't know why.

On a scale of 1-10, I'd give the trip a solid 4.  Sorry Colorado.  I've had better times there, but we did see some pretty things.

Next trip will be much better planned and for happier reasons.

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