Monday, August 6, 2012

Why the long face there cowboy?


On our way to Colorado Springs we tried to hit a couple antique stores, which seems to be a difficult thing to do in Colorado apparently.  Most of them were duds or the town you drove through looked like a scene out of Mad Max and the Thunderdome.

Welcome to Arriba, Colorado.
(Or was this Genoa?)

Sorry guys, amiright?

So on the way out, I checked that I still had all my appendages (check!), and snapped a few shots of some cool rustic (that's a nice term for "crapped out") old buildings that would be fun to paint.

That's when I saw it.

*insert heavenly music*

An old Chevy truck full of tires... next to a worn out shed.
like, Senior photography gold.

MINI SHOOT!  We tresspassed for 5 minutes to get a few shots of Gene.  This is what you do to photos when your husband is wearing a turquoise blue polo that doesn't really go with the theme we're doing here.  Photoshop actions at 100%... YES!

Man, if I had this back home I could make a fortune off of this get up.  Or maybe I could shoot senior pics in Arriba.  Not sure who my client base would be though.  Maybe the children of the corn.  Oh wait, they kill them all before they turn 18.


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