Friday, October 19, 2012

And just like that..... it was gone.

 We had a particularly brutal summer, most of it was pretty dry.  However, being down in the bottoms, we were the last ones to dry out so we had fully developed corn here.  I can't say the same for other areas, I saw fully tasseled 18" tall corn on our way to Colorado this summer.

In case you're wondering, that's really bad.

One thing I love about the corn is how it becomes this 8' privacy fence and the only people you interact with are the people that drive by or pull in your drive way.
I'm a loner like that.


But because of the drought, we kind of got screwed out of our summer of corn.  It dried out more quickly than usual, so instead of harvesting in late October or early November, they came in and took it out in early/mid September!

Ah HA!  They didn't look very well, because they got part way through it and realized it was still pretty green so they left it to finish off.  So for a few weeks, we had a bit of a corn reprieve
But it wasn't long, until it was all gone.  Now I'm surrounded by corn stubble and critters large and small looking for an oasis in the corn desert.
They see my 2 acres and say "Oh look an oasis in the corn desert!"
Time once again to defend the homestead from mice, possums, raccoons and even the deer!
Who likes possum jerkey!?


Mary Ann said...

Same here in Leavenworth County (Ks) only they took ours out in August, it was so dry. It's bailed everywhere for cornlage now.

Torrie said...

They cut some of the corn around our farm while it was still green also. I think they use it for silage to feed their cattle in the winter.

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