Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Round and round

My life is like a wind turbine.  It just seems to be going round and round and round.
I guess that means it's October.

I've come to really hate October.  Everyone wants SOMETHING photographed that month, and then they realize the yearbook deadline is looming, the leaves are falling and damn is it cold or what?

The money is nice, but I like seeing my family sometimes - and my jammies.  I haven't figured out how these photographers that have 5-6 shoots a day do it.  I bow to their greatness.

To top it all off, we've started a glass shop, which every day is a new challenge.  It's one thing to walk into an established shop and be trained on the systems they run.  It's another to completely set up all the systems on your own.

It's good it's a soft opening right now.  Easing into it.
We were so confident in our storefront that we had started using the address on a few pieces of info we had to put out there.  I guess that was enough to jinx it.  There are problems with the plumbing - we'll find out where we stand tomorrow.  But in the meantime, we're being proactive and there's a second location I like SO MUCH better (and have from the start).  Hoping that works out because if it does, it means I get a studio - a nice sized one.

Cross your fingers that works out.

1 comment:

Lizard said...

I hope it works out exactly as you wish! Sounds like you are all on top of it...

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