Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sell! All! The! Things!!

A few weeks ago, I decided that I'd finally get around to selling some of my scrapbook stuff.  Yeah, I know, right.  So you're saying keeping it in a laundry basket in my scrapbook room blocking fire access is a *bad* thing?
Get out.
So I blew off the dust that collected over the past 4 years and took a few pics.  On facebook, for almost every town or area, you'll see a swap/sell group of some sort.  Some are just for clothes, or only for kids stuff, but many are just whatever.
Well, except for the tyrannical overlord owners making ridiculous rules, other than THAT you can list pretty much whatever.

I thought I'd take all my profits and buy myself a really expensive watercolor palette I've been wanting for about 4 months now but have been too cheap to buy.  Actually, on sale it's a pretty good deal, and it's super dreamy and worth it.

What I found out, was that it took just one day for me to make enough money for my palette.  It also took me about 3 days to make enough for my palette, my brand new dream porch swing and money left over.


I was making better than garage sale prices, and I didn't have to schlep all my stuff out to some tables and hope people show up.... then dicker over a quarter.

So I decided to set a goal for myself a few days ago.  Not only would I get rid of a bunch of crap in the house, but in return, I'd gain (hopefully) enough cash to buy the dream camera I'm wanting.  In theory, I could buy it now if I wanted (I've been saving for over a year for my studio, but since that's on hold I have the cash). 

However, I'm highly motivated by challenges and saving money by putting it in jars (that's for our hawaiian vacation someday), envelopes or savings accounts.  So instead I will become a minimalist.

If you come into my house and see strikingly less items, don't freak out (especially my family), I'm not losing my mind.  However, maybe this will keep that show hoarders at bay for a couple days.

Who am I kidding?  I've barely clawed my way out of the scrapbook room yet.

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