Monday, October 1, 2012

Wanna see my new sunroom!!??

Exciting no?  Looks like a great place to hang out amiright?
Boo Kitty thinks so.
Actually what you're looking at is 9 thermal units (windows) that are almost 4 feet wide, by almost 8 feet tall.  We got them for a SONG.  No lie.  As soon as I found out about these units, FOUR YEARS ago, I wanted them for a sunroom addition.   We followed our normal plan of action which is... do nothing and wait.
No really.  It works.
We've found that when we decide we want something, we just wait (or try to) and the perfect thing will come to us when we're ready for it, and it will come at an absolute steal.
Well, it finally came.  Gene's former boss had these for years and finally decided to get rid of them.   When I worked in the glass shop, I wouldn't have sold these for any less than about $750 each.  That's about $7000 in glass sitting there.
Guess what my investment was?
*for all of them*
I just saved $7k.
go me.
Of course, this means more labor, and another big project involving stuff I've never done before - like - set thermal units.  Good thing I'm married to a glass man right?
Speaking of which, big news on the homefront.
I've been wanting to share for a while, but needed to wait.
We're opening a glass shop!
Truck - check
Storefront - pretty much check
Computer - check
Software - check
Million other things that need to be done - not check.
I'll still be doing photography, in fact, we're trying to work out a deal where I can get a storefront too, at least temporarily.  I'll be doing most of the office work for the glass shop, which I'll be able to do editing while nothing's going on.
Hopefully, there'll be so much going on that in a year I'll be training my replacement.
Need glass?
(more interesting website coming soon, that's just a placeholder at the moment)

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Angelina Garcia said...

You saved $7,000? That’s definitely a good thing! After all, these days, you rarely get to save on anything at all. Good thing you have a hubby that’s familiar with doing glass work. And congrats on your new business! I hope all is well with both your sunroom and your new business. :)


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