Tuesday, August 16, 2011

All the voodoo - that yudu.

I've been eyeballing a Yudu machine for about 2 years now. What's a Yudu? Well, it's a home version of a screen printing machine. About the size of a really large printer or scanner, it can sit on a table and do pretty much everything you need to screen print pretty much anything in one small space.

As awesome as it sounds, why did I wait so long?

Because it's retail of $300 and I just didn't know if I'd get THAT much use out of it. However, Gene keeps watching the Yudu infomercials (yes really) and kept talking about the silly thing. On top of that, my sister lost her t-shirt supplier, so she was looking for one too.

A couple weeks ago, while Gene and his son Michael went into the largest computer parts store I've ever seen in my whole life, I decided to duck into Michaels craft store next door. I looped the entire store before I noticed a pile of Yudus at the front for $99!!

I quickly called Amber, and she wanted one, then I got ahold of Gene and we bought one too.

It was a treat seeing Gene, Michael, me, a large suitcase and 2 yudus in a jeep wrangler. *WE DID IT*

It seems kind of scary, there's a lot of steps so we put it off a while. Sunday, we had nothing we had to get done, so we dragged out the machine. The process takes a while (there's a lot of drying) but it was worth the wait because it's AWESOME.



The shirts look like we bought them from a screen printing shop. So very excited about this. Gene has already decided he's going to try to sell a few to some friends. Really, the possibilities are pretty endless of what you can screen print.

Very worth $99. Very worth $300 (if you use it a lot).

-Doesn't include EVERYTHING that makes it easier.
-There's a lot of extra buying required for down the road.
-The supplies are kind of expensive
-Only comes with one color of ink - black
-Kind of slow to get set up. (goes quickly once you get your emulsions burned)

-It's fun!
-You can actually buy aftermarket stuff from silk screening sites much cheaper.
-Saving $$ in the long run by printing my own shirts, bags, boxes, etc etc.
-It's full of awesome!

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Nakia said...

I wanna shirt! Where can I get one!?

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