Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My house needs more walls.


Except for the cat. The cat is still there.

Yep, I decided that these 3 pictures had hung there long enough over my (former) couch. They are 3 years old, and my photography has greatly improved since then. Plus, Gene bought me 2 pieces of artwork for my birthday/anniversary so I had to find a home for them.

But something unexpected happened....


My living room seemed to brighten up greatly! I wasn't really planning on that part, but it makes me wonder if my obsession with black, is also driving my obsession to have every window shade open too. Hmm.

Yep, I have a cover on my nearly *brand new* couch. After I got it, I realized that a light cream color was probably a bad choice for those of us that still eat spaghetti on the couch.

Crazy no?

I'm looking for more permanent alternatives.


Anyway, Gene has really gotten into art also, which is kind of strange that my husband wants to go to art galleries and museums now. You'd never be able to tell to look at him he's just so damn metrosexual now.

It only took 8 weeks, a mat cut wrong (despite the instructions) and a lot of cussing, but the art is up.. and staying for a while. Well, except for the art lights I have to add. Other than that.

Oh... and the hole repairs in the wall, that too.

And the paint touch up.



Altax said...

Lovely pictures!!!
Classroom Activities

LisaDay said...

It looks great. We need more walls, too, or really big art work to fill our giant high-ceiling walls.


geek details said...

I have the same issue lol. Too much art, not enough usable wall space (I have 40 something windows in the house).

I ended up spray painting all of my black frames so that they're now white. Looks tons better/brighter!

Tracy said...

Beautiful art work.
But if you need some where to house "Your" photography, I have the space ;)

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