Tuesday, August 23, 2011

If you hate spiders, you will not enjoy this post... you are warned!

So apparently after the storm, this place was the coolest thing since sliced bread. Our theory is, that all the flowers are wiped out from the storm, and everyone is hungry. They had a truce for once, so everyone could get a drink before starting back in to air combat.

Sunday morning, we woke up to this:


She'd built her web right across our window, which is right next to the humming birds. Yep, she's pretty large, at least 3"-4" across with her legs. Big enough to eat a hummingbird.

Apparently hummingbirds are a curious creature.

They would fly up to check out the spider. I'm sure that was the STRANGEST looking hummingbird they'd ever seen!


And when they would, she'd reach out to "touch" them. Personally, I think she wanted to give them an extra special face kiss.

Gene BADLY wanted to get these shots, (most of these photos are by him) so he went outside so I could check my aperture (depth of field). In the process, this happened:


The verdict is in, THIS is the strangest hummingbird they've ever seen!!

FYI: spider got moved to the garden so we didn't have to see Wild Kingdom at work in our front window.


Cara said...

Some of the most amazing shots I've seen! Thank you for sharing your spiders and hummers with us. WOW

Jen Allyson said...

awesome! The hummingbirds are seriously amazing creatures, I love how they are suspended in air just perfectly in that last shot.

wholarmor said...

Love the pictures. Hate spiders, but love the pictures!

jennc said...

Oh, holy heck. Those are some awesome shots. (well, except for gene, out there gallavantin' nekkid with the birds... PUT A SHIRT ON GENE!)

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