Monday, August 15, 2011

Rock Chalk TIGERS.


I've been to Lawrence Kansas (home of KU Jayhawks) two times in my entire life.
I've gotten 2 parking tickets in my entire life.

Do the math.

I'm starting to think that Jayhawks don't want ANYONE visiting from Missouri. Hmmfpt.
Missouri Tigers ROCK!!!!

(truth is I could give a crap either way).
Spent Saturday visiting with Gene's youngest granddaughter Bailey in Kansas. Had lunch with her and her mamma and bought some school clothes for her. Then, hit a pile of new antique stores (my debit cart is melted) and then Plaza III Steakhouse down at the plaza for dinner.

Despite 3 officers on every single corner of the plaza, the *Mayor* still got a gun pulled on him an hour after we left - across the street.

Once again, wondering if I should tag this post with "the good life". Maybe I should start a section called "the suck life" lol.

PS. KU sucks.

PPS. My ticket was only $3.00. Gene was way more pissed than me.


Lee Ann said...

I have this theory that officers target travelers and out of towners because they know that they cannot contest the tickets due to living in another place or state. They'll get the money whether or not the ticket(s) were legit.

Mz-Cellaneous said...

That makes perfect sense LeeAnn!

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