Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stuff I love a/k/a My decor is full of randomness

"Fill your home only with things you love." - Tip for decluttering.

Problem: I love everything!!!
No. Really. So many things I see just make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. In turn, I want to drag it home so I feel warm and fuzzy all the time.

Did I mention that my taste is all over the board? LOL. I realized this today while shooting these photos. I wanted to share 12 of my favorite recent acquisitions.

1. little blue deer planter. It's turquoise blue (my new fav color). It's antique and it's a DEER. I mean, come on.. how could I go wrong?
2. Mean owl face pillow. srsly. He's pissed about something. Probably people keep sitting on his face.Link3. Deer pillow. It has a deer. three. of. them. It technically has a price tag on the back. No one loved it in my booth as much as me, so I brought it home. poor deer.
4. Orange duck. It does nothing. it sits there on my desk. It stares at me. but.... buttt... he's cute.

5. My peanut trinket box. It's a big silver peanut.... to hider smaller peanuts in? I dunno, it spoke to me.
6-7. Watercolors. Bought at separate times, from the same booth. I've always had a soft spot for watercolors.
8. LOVE this huge terrarium. This was probably a bad idea, but it was such a good deal, and sooo pretty. I see lots of succulents in it. I also see it taking up a huge chunk of my counter space so it might find a new home when I grow tired of it.

9. A statue. Gene is into art (paintings and sculptures). He fell in love with this piece. It was sold as alabaster, but I think it's actually a composite alabaster material. No, it's not gay ... I think it's either Cain and Abel, or it's a roman god wrestling thing. I'm leaning towards wrestling as it's Italian.

10. Gene brought home this plate to add to my western kitchenware "collection" that I didn't realize I had until I hung the plate.

11 and 12. I bought the painting at the top first. It's so sweet, I have a soft spot for cows. (if you haven't noticed). #12 was a happy accidental find. It seemed so perfect with the first one, that I had to get it too. I decided to hang them with no frames, raw edged canvases between the bathroom and the guest room. They fit right in with the cowboy stuff next door.

So now I think that maybe I need to determine what "our style" is, so that I don't drag home so much stuff that I love. (I make it sound like I'm sitting under heaps.. I am not). If I go in with a style in mind, that might keep me from buying something I really don't "need" only because I Loooove it.

I love mid-century modern, quirky bordering on cartoonish. Gene loves renaissance style art. Surely there's a compromise somewhere in between or am I delusional?

Don't answer that.

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