Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bridges of Madison County

For years, I've had something simple on my "bucket list" that I've wanted to accomplish.

Back in the 90's when the movie/book "The bridges of Madison County" came out, I absolutely fell in love with them both. It's such a romantic and tragic story all at the same time that has stuck with me for years.

Since then, I've always wanted to visit the Bridges, which aren't really all that far from me (a couple hours) but I've never made the trek... always something more important going on. Always something needing done. Always think of it late in the year.

But not this time...
this time I was thinking about a trip we'll be taking later this year to the Amana Colonies and realized we'd be near Winterset, Iowa. While looking up the bridges, I found out that this past weekend was their Covered Bridges Festival.

Friday night I kinda hemmed and hawed that I didn't need to go, but Gene was hell bent that I was going - even though I'm positive he didn't want to go. (he was kind of grumpy, but kept it to himself lol).

We hit ever single bridge - all six of them, and saved the best for last.
Each bridge is in order of how we visited them, and my goal with each bridge, was to get a unique or different type of shot for each one.

The bridges are all covered on the insides (and some outsides) with graffiti, most of it is sweet and romantic.

I spotted this truck from across the bridge as we pulled up, and I said "It's just like the truck from the movie!" When I got home, I blew up the photo, and it even said Kincaid Photography on the side. Apparently, this truck sits in the yard of Francesca's house (we didn't go there :( )

The photo on the right was taken through a knot hole in the bridge, you can see the new bridge through the hole.

I could only find one.

I love this badass photo of Gene... in front of a romantic covered bridge.

That's his happy face.

Cedar bridge is featured on the cover of the book and also where Oprah filmed her show. It was also burnt to the ground by an arsonist and rebuilt around 2003.

I happened across a couple here, snuggling together. I asked them if they wanted their photo together and took her digital camera. I couldn't help myself, and taught him how to dip her. (it's an important skill all men need to know). I also made him admit - for the first time - that she was his girlfriend.


Hi, my name is Lana. I stir the pot and make people get out of their comfort zone.
I'm also a pot stirrer.

It's also the only bridge you can still drive over.

In the book, Francesca leaves a note on Roseman bridge for Robert to come to supper any time the white moths fly. I spur of the moment decided that I wanted to leave the same note for Gene in the same spot that hundreds of others have left love notes.

I may or may not have gotten choked up and teary-eyed a wee bit.

This is the spot, where Robert Kincaid (Clint Eastwood) discovered the note on the bridge.

Gene left me a note, but said I couldn't share it on the internet. I don't think he wants anyone to know he's a romantic and a softie.
(please see: Bad ass photo).

We arrived kind of late. In fact, I thought Gene was going to wipe out on the backroads trying to get there (it's very winding and difficult to find - which is funny as that's how Robert met Francesca - looking for directions.) We arrived as the sun was just falling behind the trees and it was growing darker by the moment.

The up side to this, was after about 10 minutes, we were the last 2 people there.

It was perfect, and magic and I didn't want to leave. I had my very own Robert Kincaid, on my very own covered bridge. All to myself.

I love that guy.

Part of me wishes I'd fulfilled that little dream I had of being married there at Roseman Bridge. I'd thought of it for a long time. I still might make Gene marry me at that bridge. I'm thinking that if I marry him in every state in the country, he's stuck with me because it will cost a fortune to get a divorce. lol

Oh wait.. I already married him in Iowa.

It's not all sweet and innocent.

Well, it started out kind of nice anyway.


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Very pretty!

LisaDay said...

Great photos. And Gene went with you. What a nice guy.

Message noted about touching that girl's man.


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