Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trash to Treasure - Union Jack Dresser

About 2-3 weeks ago, I found this pretty cool dresser at a garage sale for not a lot of money. Very sturdy, needed love, but looked like it was probably a very nice piece of furniture at some point.

I could not decide how to revive it. I didn't want to just paint it white or blue or something uninteresting. I'd seen some dressers on better after blog that had some designs painted on the front. I wanted to paint something too! So as I lay in bed one night, I used it as an excuse to keep me awake.

It hit me...

I'd paint a union jack on the front! BRILLIANT!

How I did it, is below.

It took me about a week to do, painting 15-60 minutes at a time, then waiting for that coat to dry before moving on to the next. Definitely one of the better transformations I've made yet!

I really want to KEEP IT. hah. I'm still looking at my house and trying to figure out how I can work it in. I can do it... I can. I swear.

Please don't buy it.

1 comment:

geek details said...

It turned out lovely. (even if you did mess up, no one will notice). Good job!

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