Monday, October 24, 2011

Little blessings come in big packages

{Missouri Sunsets are the best!}

Lately, we have been feeling pretty darn blessed in our lives. Good things keep coming our way in the best possible ways. I've learned over the past few years, that when I need/want something, I just put it out their to the universe and wait.

Sometimes it's a few days, sometimes it's a few months, but whatever we need just seems to come, and it comes at a great discount. I'm not sure why this has been happening so much to us except I'm not going to question it too hard. You know, gift horses' mouths and all.

So today something I've been considering for a long time has happened. To truly succeed at this business, I need to expand our coverage area. Don't get me wrong, my coverage area starts in Maryville, and ends somewhere around South Africa. I'll go just about anywhere except Iran or something.

Sorry our Iranian friends.

But the truth is, short of having a storefront in South Africa, it's really difficult to break into those territories with just a website. I have had some success in our surrounding large cities (Omaha and Kansas City), but I want to become a regular *force*.

About 2-3 weeks ago, I attended a conference held by the PPA (Professional Photographers of America). The ironic part of this is, they'd been sending me emails to attend for weeks, but a few days before, they offered me a free ticket. (thanks universe). I decided it was worth a trip just to see what happens.

What happened was there was a very successful photographer in a similar market as me. She is very good at marketing (and I LOVE marketing). She hit so many of my "buttons" that I realized we needed to pop on it and make it happen finally.

Today, we signed a lease on an office space in St. Joseph, Mo. We'll be located at 7th and Jules in the Mo-Kan business development building. It will mainly be a meeting space to meet with clients before and after their sessions. We have an office and use of a big beautiful conference room for large groups families, etc. We'll sometimes be able to do small mini sessions if need to in this space.

We are so excited!
This is a big jump for us! We predict big things.
Photos coming soon!

But that's not all. In the spring/summer, we'll be breaking ground on our new studio right *HERE* at the Cease Fire Ranch. Yep folks, you'll be able to come right into our studio to have your portrait taken even in December - which is HUGE for us. There will also be outdoor studio spaces here which I'll work on over time including cool props that you'll only be able to get at Cease Fire Studios.

Photos with chickens are no extra charge.


Nakia said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Makes me wanna move there. And because I want to snuggle your chickens!!

Mz-Cellaneous said...

You could move here - but you might be bored. LOL. Snuggling chickens always seems like a good idea!

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