Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to set a light pole in 15 minutes flat

1. Get your ginormous drill lined up to where you want to drill using your handy dandy remote control gadget (and we thought playing atari would never come in handy as a life skill.)

2. Dig for a couple minutes until you can't see the drill anymore. Pull it out and spin it backwards really fast. Wheeee.

3. Use the arm that holds the drill, to pull a brand new pole off the truck. One lonely little guy aims it around as everyone else watches.

4. Little to the right. Little more.... sweet.

5. Line 'er up. Get it straight.


6. Dump the dirt back into the hole and use a jackhammer to jam it into place.

7. TaDA! Chickens will love that pile of dirt around the bottom. They'll probably love all the fat worms living in there.

Now... Who would like to come and dispose of the old pole for me?

PS. No electricity to it yet. Just a pole.
Kountry life it is excitin'.

1 comment:

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

You make drills look so pretty! :-)

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