Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I have a secret


I've been a faithful reader of postsecret for around 5-6 years now. I've seen every single postcard from the beginning. It's my Sunday ritual, instead of going to church, I go to the House 'o Postsecret.

Can I hear an amen?

So when I scrolled down through the schedule to see if Frank might beLink coming to Missouri, and actually saw the world "Maryville" I was ecstatic.

I showed up early to pick up my tickets - which were free (you can't beat free!) and planned on talking Gene into going with me. Once in a while he'd read the secrets with me, but he does not worship at the altar of secrets like myself.

About a week ago, I showed up early and sat in the parking lot. I had no idea how busy it might be, and I didn't want to be early - but I didn't want to lose my seat either (it was general admission). I waited about 20 minutes, then finally went in to wait.

Slowly more and more people filtered in, then there was a line, then 2 lines - big ones.

Yep, it was official...
I was the oldest person there.

Well, unless you count the professor, or student adviser or whatever she was.

Frank appeared with little fanfare, but to a auditorium full of adoring fans. He just talked. Shared some more post secrets, some stories and a secret of his own. Frank cares deeply about reducing suicide rates and has raised a lot of money for the Hopeline which has saved countless lives.

At the end, 2 lines formed of people coming to share their secrets. It was emotional hearing people pour out their hearts - I admit that maybe I shed a few tears.

One person sharing touched me very deeply and I will never forget him. He approached the mic in a plaid shirt, and a fedora that he pulled down nearly over his face. You could hear how scared that he was, but he was doing it.

I hope that he see this. If you are his friend, could you send him a message for me? I looked for him afterwards but couldn't find him.

Dear 22 year old:
I want you to know that even though you are terrified, you are so brave. You've already accomplished more in your short years, than I could ever muster the bravery to do myself at 42 years old. I'll live vicariously through you... or maybe you'll inspire me. Maybe we'll meet by accident on campus some day.

Best of luck to you always,

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Tillie said...

I LOVE PostSecret. I read it every week too. I cannot get over the secrets. It's my biggest guilty pleasure. I'm beyond jealous that you got to see him live!!!!

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