Thursday, January 19, 2012

10 Notable events

1. A little critter came to my house over the weekend.  There was much spoiling.





2. I have a cold.  I'd like to blame the usual type of carriers - critters (see above) but I think this one was all me.

3. I was going to enter a photo in an art exhibition at the museum we're members of, but, I'm a moron and thought today was the last day to enter - it wasn't.  It was Tuesday. :(

4. I'm currently on my "no meat" quest.  No, we're eating meat, I'm just shopping from my freezers.  I haven't bought ANY meat in about 3 weeks.  I could in theory make it probably 2 more weeks - but this means I'd have to eat salmon and I just don't think I can do it.

5. I'm avoiding a job I have to do - talk to my telephone company AND my cell phone company.  Every time I get on the phone with them to change services, I about pop an artery.

6. Did I mention I have a cold.  May I whine?

7. I may or may not have company this weekend and my guest room looks horrible.  I have a cold. I want to sleep.

8. I had an ice cream sandwich for lunch.

9. Maybe I should cave and buy some meat.

10. Grocery shopping today!


Pam said...

Your "Little Critter" is so pretty and cute! :-) No. 4 had me LOL! Hope you feel better soon!

LisaDay said...

Sorry you have a cold. I could trade you, a ham for some salmon.


Joanne said...

No. 3 sounds like something I would do.

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