Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stuff that rocks! The future is NOW

For Christmas my loving husband bought me one of these bad boys. Love!

Wait. He didn't buy it for me.
I bought it for myself.

He just said "go buy it" after I kind of insisted it's really what I wanted that instead of the stuffed bear he was thinking of getting me. 

No.  Not a big old teddy bear.

A big stuffed taxidermy bear on a log.  That hangs on the wall.  Staring at me with it's cold dead eyes, only to awake and eat my face off as I sleep. wtf?
Yeah that's what I said too.

Rest assured, I love that guy.  He does have some pretty big quirks at times.  I still have not mastered what he's thinking.  I'm sure he says the same thing about me.


So anyway, pretend like you're old like me, and adventure to the inner recesses of your memory banks.  You there yet? 
Yeah, I lost part of mine back when I had toddlers too.

Anyway, I remember as a kid, thinking about the future and what things might be like.  I realized the other day, that the things I thought about were like the Kindle , nearly inconceivable, yet here we are today sitting on our couches or in a coffee shop chatting with people around the world, reading a book on a tiny screen.

Before you know it, phasers will be standard issue.


This is so amazing really, the stuff that it can do.  I have downloaded a couple dozen apps which allow me to see things like the weather at a glance, the phases of the moon, keeping track of what I eat (meh), etc.  Almost anything you can imagine.

It's also connected directly with Amazon so it's easy to download books, magazine subscriptions, music, etc.  Like... too easy. LOL.

I now have a subscription to 3 magazines that I don't normally get the paper version of.  I think it fixes a problem for me!  I can keep magazines virtually forever if I want to, and there's no clutter.


Of course you can use it for the really useful stuff too.  Like youtube and angry birds. :)

Tanner got me a really cool cover very close to this one and I bought a stylus which I have found very necessary with these apparently huge fat fingers of mine. The ones I bought are actually pretty good and a reasonable price.  No worries if I lose one.

Anyway, I highly recommend the kindle.  I absolutely love it!  I know the ipad is pretty awesome too, and I thought about it and I think I'd prefer reading books on the smaller "book sized" screen.  Plus it would fit in my purse.

I don't do big floppy purses. bleh.

When you think back to man landing on the moon (and I do believe that we did), think about this for a moment.  There's more power in a kindle, then what it took to accomplish a space mission.

Think my kindle could get me to say, Florida?  It snowed here.


LisaDay said...

I still like a real book better. I imagined a world were you could talk to people on your watch and TV in your watch.


Kelly said...

I have had the time to play with one and they really are cool. Make sure you follow the Kindle Free book blogs or face book pages as there are lots and lots of free books available each week.


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