Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Are you a list maker?


I find that I can barely function without some sort of list.  When I have a period of not getting any work done, I'll realize it's because my list is under something on my desk where I can't see it (usually a cat).

If I don't have a list of all the mundane AND important things in my life that I must get done, then I just can't remember them.  It's especially frustrating when you don't remember to write something important on the list and it gets forgotten... like school events. :/

I finally bought myself a white board JUST to keep track of my albums.  It's hanging inside the pantry door (which is right next to my desk).  I write down every person that's getting an album, what next step needs done, and when that's done it get's a big check mark.  I'm amazed at how much this has helped my productivity.  It's so satisfying to get to erase a job completely.  That means it's done and out of the house.

It also means I got paid for it!  woot!

But here's the thing.  After sharing my lament on facebook, I realized that this is probably genetic in some way.  Several of my relatives piped in to tell me they are exactly the same way, as are their kids too.

And that reminded me of poor Tanner.  That kid has it pretty bad for only being 17.  It's nothing to go into his room and find several post it notes stuck on his door frame reminding him to take the basic necessities with him.  It's also not uncommon for him to have to drive all the way back here to pick up something he forgot.

I feel your pain, brother.

Just today I forgot to mail a package to Lebanon.  I figure one more day won't kill 'em.  (it wasn't on the list).

So, I'm fairly confident that this trait came from my mom's mom.  My Grandma Leona.  You know Grandma, you did a lot of wonderful things for me, but I'd have been a lot happier if this was a recessive gene.

Are you a list maker?  Has my grandma infected your family too!!!

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Lizard said...

I am a list maker - and it is actually the way I met my husband! (long story)

Find love of my life - check.
Live happily ever after - in process.

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