Monday, July 9, 2012

Where do boys get their super skills?


How do some men just "know things"?  Especially things they haven't particularly been exposed to.

Tanner kind of surprises me at times, the things he knows at (almost) 18. 

Remember me talking about that LTD that used to be Gene's grandma's?  It's been sitting my yard a couple months now.  (note the weeds around it - I have to hire someone to come out and trim because no one will do it)... ANYWAY...  The chickens are in love with it. It's their new favorite places.  They hang out underneath in the shade scratching in the yard until they get a nice little hole dug to lay in.

Which at least they've stopped doing it in my driveway.  When you hit one in the middle of the night, you about break an ankle.

So anyway, this car has sat there taunting us.  We've been so busy with work or building a porch, that we just haven't had time to dedicate to the car and get it running.  So much talk about draining the tank, replacing hoses, will the carburetor need replaced?

Finally, about a week ago, I told Gene that we should let Tanner get started on working on the car.  He likes to work on his car and he could surely do the basic stuff.  Gene agreed.

I told Tanner that he could get started on it, and we went out and first got a battery for it.  Can't do anything without that.  Found out that the battery in it, had not been replaced since 1995!

Gene and I left Tanner to it to work on the deck, and within an hour heard the car start up!  This car has not moved in OVER A DECADE.

Another hour worth of fluid changes and he was driving it up and down the road.

How did he know how to do that stuff.  Gene knows a few things about cars - he works on glass for a living.  Explain it and he can do it.  Same with Tanner's dad.  But as I sat and I listend to Tanner talk to both his dad and Gene on how to get the car going and I only understood every 3rd word, I got to wondering exactly when did this happen?  Is it just a genetic thing?

But hey, I could talk about the difference between tan, buff, ivory, and ecru and they'd probably look at me like a monkey looking at a football.

However, I think that their super genetic skill is probably a lot more useful than being able to pick out winter white verses off white.

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Stephie @ Our Marriage Adventure said...

I would also like to know where boys get their fascination / love affair with bugs. This can't be normal...yet they all get it.

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