Wednesday, July 18, 2012

High as your eye by the 4th of July

It's true you know, that saying about high as your eye by the 4th of July.  Corn is an amazing plant.  In May it's a wee little sprig of nearly nothing, and 6 weeks later you have a beautiful 8 foot (free) privacy fence all the way around your property.

This is only the second time we've had corn since we moved here.  One year we had so much rain they couldn't get the corn in, so we had beans 3 years in a row.  Not nearly as exciting as the corn is.

Here's the thing though.  This year we're experiencing a drought.  And a hot one at that.  We've been a little luckier than most because we're down here in the bottoms so it takes a little longer to dry out, but just up the road 3/4 of a mile, the corn that is about 3 feet higher than ours down here is already starting to dry out and die off.

It's not quite time for that yet and so I fear the worst - that most of this years crops (corn, beans, tobacco, wheat, etc) is not going to do well this year.  Gas, feed and tortillas are going up!

In the meantime, I hope you'll take a moment to do a little rain dance or possibly go wash your car and condem us to a little rain.  It's blistering hot out.

2 weddings in, 2 days (Friday and Saturda).  Both 108 degrees - without the heat index.  We could use a little relief.

Boo kitty, however, says "Corn is dumb.  I'm cute.  Now rub my belly."

It worked!
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