Wednesday, July 25, 2012

hi ho a painting we will go

My world has been pretty nuts the past couple weeks, but I've still found a little time here and there to paint.  I decided to take a 100 day/100 painting challenge to increase my skill level in a short time (if that's possible - sometimes I think I have 2 left hands).

I'm really working towards an art exhibit at a local art museum in the next couple years, but first I need to settle on what is my style.  I thought I might be able to find that in 100 paintings.

Below are a few of my recent paintings, some part of the 100 painting challenge.


Tinkerbell on the left is a gift for a little girl. :)  I direct copied someone else's work.  Sometimes you just want to paint. 

Top right is a feather I found in my yard.  I believe it's an owl feather.  I LOVE painting feathers.  I'm only so-so at it so far.

Bottom right is a simple little cottage painting.  I painted it after watching a video on youtube.  It's "ok".

A cow from up the road.  I really fought with the cast shadow on his neck.

Really like this one.  My own design.  I love feathers AND the union jack.  I saw a painting that made me think - "Hey, mash the 2 together to see what happens".  I like it.  I might play with this concept a bit more just to see what I can do with it.

This is my own design too - well, pretty much.  I looked at a lot of nests from other artists.  Nests are hard son!  The little deer is from a photo I found online.  Put the 2 together and sweet lil' sweepy fawn.  aww.

This is a painting of a photographer.  He's part of a group I'm in and the photo version of this is his avatar.  Every time I saw it, I kept thinking it would look cool in paint so I asked and he approved of me painting it.

This was really one of the first times I've painting something where I felt like I created a piece of artwork.  It's not as popular of a piece as others are (because they are "cute"), but that doesn't really matter to me.  Art is subjective.

I'm going to have opportunity next week to paint a little more than usual so I'm excited about that, but in the meantime, back to editing photos.
*cracking whip sound*


Christina said...

I really like your Union Jack feather. And the portrait is very nice too. Great talent!

Nicki said...

I am in awe of your art and especially like your feather pictures. Truly talented.

Debbie From Illinois said...

You are very talented! I love the fawn in the nest. The Union Jack is amazing.

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