Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Night on the town

Months ago, Groupon had a special on dinner at Pierpont's at Union Station in downtown Kansas City.  Having never been to Union Station my whole life (I've lived in MO almost 25 years now!), and also being addicted to really yummy food, I jumped on the deal.

This weekend, we made a point to make reservations for an early dinner and it was so worth it!

The decor is incredible.  I wish I'd brought a wider angle lens.  I wish I didn't feel so self conscience so I could walk around and take tons of photos.  Instead, most of these were taken from our table.

Gene had the pecan crusted trout - which was surprisingly good.  I say surprisingly because I traditinally hate most fish, but this didn't taste like fish at all.   Now I'm thinking I might try cooking some trout on my own.

I had the lobster thermidor. 
So good!  I think Gene was regretting his choice after he tried mine.  Sorry dear.  I did give him the last bite though.  Would it be uncouth to suck on the shells? ;)

We shared a creme brulee with fresh berries.  Again, incredible.  The bottom was speckled with lots of fresh vanilla bean caviar.

Oh look.  Feet.
Bet that took away your appetite.
Had to share my CUTE shoes that are actually comfortable and I can walk for more than 9 feet in them.  They are some adorable vera wang wedges that I got for a song.  First pair of heels I've been able to wear in several YEARS.  Maybe it's the weight loss, maybe my feet are better, maybe it's the shoes, maybe it's all that.  I wore them all night.

On our trip to the restrooms downstairs, I spotted rows of wine in the wine cellar.  Gonna say I'm a little jealous.

I need a bigger house.

After we left the restaurant, we explored around the station for a few minutes.  I wanted to see it since I hadn't before.  So beautiful - it reminds me of England train stations.

One last stop on the way out the door.  What's Gene pointing at?  Only a bullet hole from the Union Station Massacre in 1933. Prettyinteresting story that changed how the FBI works.

If you get a chance, I say make a reservation at Pierpont's.  Probably one of the top 5 places I've ever eaten.  So worth it, and the price was not unreasonable.

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