Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bridal fairs = super fun (that's sarcasm)

I decided today, that you really must see how terribly exciting bridal fairs are. Yes, *excitement*!

OK, I kid, they are kinda fun, but the whole prep up to the show is incredibly stressful, especially when you decide to change your whole booth.


Last month we did a fair sized show, where close to 150 brides (and a couple grooms) came. The place was absolutely PACKED with people. I talked the entire time, and by the time I got home, my throat was killing me. I know this will surprise you, but I really don't talk *that much*.

I used to answer phones for a living, that that really broke that little habit of wanting to talk on the phone, or even talk much *at all*. But man, once I get started.....


We had one minor glitch with our back wall, but we rigged it and got it to work. ON the way home, I slapped my forehead and said *duh!* and knew what we did wrong.


I know, he looks excited doesn't he?

We're going to have to do something more interesting with the table for future reference. All in good time! We did, however, have a slideshow made (thanks Tanner!) of one wedding that ran continuously. I have a TV that Gene bought me for Christmas and it was the perfect size. Sadly my dvd player(s) kept screwing up, so we had to take the big vcr/dvd player combo! It worked so all was good.

If you've never been to a bridal show, you will see that sometimes they have a fashion show too with items supplied by local businesses.


I loved his attitude, he had all the ladies loving him.. and he knew it!


This is Teresa with Spectacular Settings. I met Teresa years ago through a mutual friend and it was just a coincidence that we both get into the wedding industry. We also happened to be next door neighbors at the show.

It didn't matter, we were both so crazy busy we didn't have much time to talk. Teresa does decorating for weddings and special events. I'm in LOVE with that centerpiece!


This is Rob, the guy that puts it all together. He's also the owner of the famous "Village flowers by Rob". They also have tuxedo rentals at the shop, and I didn't know that! He had the show running like a well oiled machine.

Next to him is the wonderful Shannon - of Shannon Renee's formal wear right here in Maryville! She has all kinds of beautiful formal wear from wedding gowns, to prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses. Really, you should stop in just to see what she has it's a really nice shop!

It was a great show, and I'd definitely go again. I wish I'd had time to talk with more of the vendors, I was so busy that I thought I'd have time to go around and chat, but NOT SO!

Contact info:
Village flowers by Rob
3841 Frederick Ave.,
East Ridge Village
St. Joseph, MO 64506
PHONE (816) 232-3326

Spectacular Settings
Teresa Hayes
660-582-2037 or 660-582-0791

Shannon Renee's Formalwear
1911 S. Main St.
Maryville, Missouri 64468
660-562-0202 phone

Then a few days ago, my sister had her bridal fair in her salon in Iowa. It was a smaller affair, more of a meet and greet with vendors, some yummy treats made by Amber herself, and getting more time to mingle with some of the other cool people in my area.


Yes, I'm going to show you a pic of Amber.
Because it's my blog and I can.

and also because I really liked her hair!


Then I took some texture and fading to hide the fact that the photo was kinda blurry. lol. But it's still pretty.


This is how my husband, Gene felt about the whole thing:


Listen - I got him to wear a pink shirt to match my display at least. We all gotta start somewhere right?


I wanted to share something cool I found out while was there. There's a little flower shop in my hometown that's been there *forever*. In fact, Amber used to work there when she was in high school, and the owner, Sara, did all of Amber's wedding flowers because she's nice like that.

Well, Sara was there, and come to find out, the flower shop has a liquor license now, and sells a really nice selection of native Iowa wines! Apparently she's doing well with it, and it's really a unique idea.

After the show, she opened the shop for a bit for us, so that we could go in and get a couple bottles (if 3 is a couple). You MUST go there, and buy yourself a bottle of Red, White and Blue from Tassel Ridge wineries. VERY good and I'm not a red wine fan. It doesn't have that bite that red wine usually does.

BTW, on March 17 from 4-7 pm, the shop will be having a wine tasting. I'm going to try to drag my wino self up there.

Don't tell anyone, but I've drank almost a whole bottle myself so far.

I'm a lush.

Contact info:

Rockin' Rollers Salon
108 N. Main
Lenox, Iowa 50851

Bedford Flower Shop
412 Main Street
Bedford, IA 50833-1322
(712) 523-3449

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