Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The good, the bad... the really really ugly!


Good bye January - Or is it good riddance?
I'm not sure. Either way, this was my last photo of January.

This blog post STARTED as "what I did on my weekend" but is quickly turning into "what stupid things can Lana do today?"

First the good stuff:

  1. Saturday was so busy. First we went to Tanner's Upward Bound meeting, it was very interesting, and enlightening. Gene went with me as we both feel that it's important to be supportive of Tanner's future, and Gene wanted to know exactly how the program works. It's all new to Tanner, but I think he'll learn and be better for it.

  2. Met with 2 brides, and we'll be working with them this year. YAY. As a weird note, the last 4 brides I met with, were all Nurses or nurses in training. Some of them knew each other. Definite small world syndrome, and also "let's easily confuse Lana" syndrome.

  3. On a whim, decided to go visit our friends in Kansas City (actually Odessa). One thing Gene and I learned about each other in Pre-marital counselling, was that we both loved and required spontaneity in our relationship. So "hey, wanna go see Debbie and Duane" is usually met with "Ohhh.. FUN! Yes!" LOL. Yes, we can be more exciting than that. LOL.

  4. Had a detour first and bought all my hardware for my new cabinets first. We actually compromised and picked something together. I'll share. someday... 900 years from now when that project is done too.

  5. Got almost there and realized Odessa has the cheese outlet. Yep, I spent more on cheese than my mom probably did on a week's worth of groceries. That's screwed up.

  6. Had dinner with Debbie, Duane and Danny, but couldn't stay too late as well, I had a date with Archivers. (scrapbooking) I'd been holding out on an album that I wanted badly, and ended up paying off by getting it 75% off.

  7. Sunday met with another bride and her mom. Very sweet! Then spent the rest of my day scrapbooking and doing laundry, got a lot accomplished!

  8. Monday, went to Amber's and helped her work on the shop. We made flames across her back wall out of diamond plate vinyl. nope.... didn't take my camera, totally forgot. I'll show you after I go back this weekend.

Now for the crappy part (which is now being deemed "Terrible Tuesday"):

Was late for a meeting because I was thinking 1 p.m. but it was really 10 a.m. I hate getting a call that is "Um, where are you?" UGH!!! This is why I keep my calendar open ALL THE TIME. (it wasn't). SO ANNOYING. Thank god she was the coolest bride EVER and actually did some other stuff while waiting on stupid ME.

Then, on the way home, I did this:



That WAS my mailbox.

I did a 360 in the middle of the road and basically did a pit maneuver on my own mailbox. Wait. Maybe my mailbox did a pit maneuver on ME. Almost no damage to the Jeep (a scrape on the bumper than took me 10 min to find) but my mailbox is dead.

Good. I've always hated that effin mailbox.

None of that kept me from crying tho. Scared the pee-waddin out of me. I totally expected to pull myself out of the ditch.. which is where I was, and have every fluid under the sun dripping out of the car, AND a big dented fender. I had neither. And I want the record to show that I really hate rear wheel drive, and when in ANY questionable slick road condition, I'm just gonna go 4wd and be done with it.

My mailbox however, is not doing well. It's in the middle of a bean field as you can see. So now I get to put a hold on my mail until I figure out how to put a post into frozen ground. sigh. (but I do get a new mailbox yay! lol)

I'm still not done with my errands and have to go back out.

I'm skeered!

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