Monday, February 8, 2010

Things that Bambi taught me

I learned 2 things over the weekend.

OK, maybe I didn't so much learn, as I was "reminded".

First, we went to Amber's bridal fair in Lenox, which for the record means a good solid 30 min drive in SW Iowa. No getting around it without a helicopter or a teleportation device, and since I don't know Donald Trump OR William Shatner, I'm S-O-L.

So what's so bad about driving in Iowa?

Well, usually nothing. Except for the fact they've let their roads go to crap even tho their gas tax is .10 a gallon higher than us. Come on Iowa, who lined their pockets with that tax? :p

The other thing makes it sucky to drive in sw Iowa is those moving hurdles called "deer". We see them once in a while here, not a long, occasionally. However, in Iowa, I mere 20 miles from here, they are like fleas on a stray dog. Which means that the first thing I learned in Iowa was: "There's a lot of deer. Drive slow."


The other thing I learned this weekend, is that invariably, no matter WHAT lens I take, I probably won't have the right one. You see, so that I'm not carrying a bunch of equipment around, and just wanting to carry one small bag, I try to determine either a.) what I'll be photographing, or b.) what lens I want to practice with.

The downside is, sometimes things happen around you, and you don't have the right lens for the moment, to which your husband will say "tsk tsk" and click his tongue until you wanna smack him.

I'm not a photo journalist dear.

However, if he's willing to let me drop some bank on some new lenses, I'm in.

Anyway, on the way to Amber's, we pop a hill and Gene sees about 8-9 deer on a hillside and about flips out. "oh my god! I've never seen so many deer at one time, that's a herd!"

I'm thinking, he's nuts. I've seen 16-17 at one time, and yes, it was in Iowa, just about a year or two ago.

So on the way back, he insists that I get out my camera, to which I don't have telephoto, just wide-mid range lens that's good for portraits, and close ups. Just outside of Bedford - literally within 1/4 mile, we see this:


Yes folks, that's 33 deer from my count.


Imagine how many freezers it would take. Think about it for a minute.

So we take a few crappy photos, say "oh my GAWD" a whole lot, and then head off towards home. On the OTHER side of town, where we got a little closer look at this gal:


She was rather oblivious to us, which reminds me of #3. Deer are stupid. Really really stupid. Oh, and they remind me of dogs. Which also are for the most part, stupid.

So let's recap:
#1. there are a lot of deer in Iowa
#2. No matter what I do, I don't have the right lense
Bonus #3. Deer are stupid

But cute.

(good save Lana)

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