Thursday, February 25, 2010

Accidental Chili

The other day I accidentally made good chili.


How does one "accidentally" make good chili you ask?
Good question. I was actually kinda pissed at myself in the process and scrambled to fix it.

I will readily admit, that I don't make great chili. I make chili that fits my personal needs:

  1. Not hot
  2. Thick
  3. Meaty
  4. Easy

That normally consists of, a pound of lean hamburger, a large can of tomato sauce, and a can of diced stewed tomatoes.

That's it.

Yeah, I know, it's boring.

So the other day, I thought I'd get smarty and sautee some onions first, because despite what everyone else thinks, I'd burn sauteed onion scented candles if they had them. It ranks up high, right behind bacon and hot apple pie.

Then I put in the meat, and go to grab my other ingredients. Ooops.

Not only am I out of tomato sauce, I bought medium beans instead of mild. So what I did, was take a second can of stewed tomatoes and pureed them! It worked! It added a lot of flavor and was so much better, with just a tiny kick, and not too spicy.

We named it appropriately, accidental chili. (we're not all that creative in the naming department. Someday I'll tell you how to make chicken clomp, and how it got named that.)

So I will admit defeat.
But I still won't be entering any chili cook-offs anytime soon!

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