Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You bought what?

Gene and I had an exciting weekend. We were BUSY.

You see, it started back in September. The grumpy glass man, had proclaimed that his 30 year reunion was the last time he would probably see most of his class mates. He'd been saying that for a LONG time, and we'd really looked forward to that "last meeting".

But something happened.

He got there and he liked a lot of people. Some of these same likeable people, also have facebook. No less that 5 people asked me if he had FB, and I started promising people that he would have one before the week was up.

He got "into" it, and enjoyed it, started friending lots of old classmates and relatives. Before you knew it, he was the life of the party and he dragged me into it too, so all his classmates are my friends too.

Fast forward 5 months.

A classmate is moving to DC and so a going away party was planned. (we'd missed the Christmas party!). We called it a date, and planned a weekend trip. Now for the record, this is totally out of the box for us. We are not party people (I rarely drink, and we never go to parties. Ever. We're losers.)

Needless to say, I'm NOT going to share photos as there might have been copious amounts of margaritas and tinfoil hats involved. (accent on the "might").

To fill in the time around drinking and eating. We did a lot of antiquing.
We have determined there's not enough antique stores out there to suit us.

Of course I wanna share what I found, but I'm going to do it unde the guise of how my crazy mind works, and stuff that I think is cool but really isn't to normal people.


Fell in love with these letters and almost bought the whole box at .50 each. After I got home I kicked myself for not thinking about it a little better and buying for other people. They also had some BIG letter press plates, one said "Christmas time values" or something like that - old school. I wanted it... but what the heck would I use it for? It was a steal at $3.00. I should have bought it for ebay.


Photography by a guy called "Chris Bruno"
From some of the subject matter, I'm going to guess 1970's and the back is stamped and signed - NYC. Seems he had some success, he had some pieces there that had been set up for a gallery show. A steal at $4.00 each!


You could tell that he was creative and thought out of the box. Some of the work I thought it looked too random for me. I really loved these 3 beach photos.

Gene just sorta looked at me weird and did a "whatever" face.


LOVE my new turquoise blue roaster. Am I going to cook in it? Hell no. It's too cute to put actual food in. Nope, I'm going to use it for display, and put cookies in it at holidays. I don't care, I lurve it.

And probably most importantly:


The pink chicken. Which Gene says "It's a pink Rooster!" to which I say, "Duh! And a rooster is a chicken!" I paid a stupid amount of money for my pink chicken. (stupid being $6.00). I couldn't stop myself. I knew I'd way awake at night, dreaming of my pink chicken and wondering what he was doing without me. So after all was bought, I snuck back and paid cash... which in my head, is a compromise of some sorts.

He now sits on my desk, with my bear that came from Colorado. Expect to see more of him, as I have an obsession lately with pink birds.

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Cathy said...

The pink chicken rocks!

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