Monday, March 15, 2010

Scrapbook page - Sisters are like Cherries

Amber and I went to a crop over the weekend.

If you don't know what a crop is, it's where scrapbookers get together and do their thing... crop pictures, glue it on pretty paper. Probably unbearably boring to most.

If you don't know who Amber is, then YOU DON'T READ MY BLOG MUCH. lol. Amber is my little sister, the littlest one. But don't call her your baby sister because, man, she's not a baby. (Although I have cellulite older than Amber *sigh*) Also please, do not call her fat, or over thirty, but really, that just clarifys that she's a female - nothing more.


So anyway!
We had fun, although the crop was a bit craptarded. Weird giveaways, kinda bleh food. Come to find out, the women that put it on have been bickering amongst themselves over petty things like what kind of food to serve, and such. Ladies... we're all adults here. *smile*

Nevertheless, Amber and I did have fun on our own. We both had some major venting to take care of, and I hope that the nearby tables didn't have to hear us bellyache too terribly much.

I even brought my laptop, and we watched a movie. Only one of the greatest theatrical masterpieces of all time.....



I actually did scrapbook too, and got quite a bit done. More than I think I ever have at a crop! So I have a lot to share with you this week.

This was one of my favorites, mainly cuz it made me laugh, and because it's kinda true.


Except for Amber.
(unless it's Christmas day, and then she's an angry elf)




Paper: Diecuts with a View - Market stack
Diecut paper was made on the Cricut
Cherries - Cricut Hello Kitty cartridge
Letters - Storybook cartridge
Border punch - Loopy border - Martha Stewart Crafts and also Fiskars Threading Waters
Sisters bling - MAMBI ??? I think, I didn't write it down! (sorry, I was distracted by sparkly things)
Ink, and EK success zig writer

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