Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If I had given birth to spring itself....

If I had a little boy, and his name was "Spring", this morning I would have bent down, and whispered in his ear, "Wake up little Spring, time to rise and shine."


And he would have looked up and rubbed his sleepy eyes, then ask for another 5 minutes of sleep, and I probably would have caved and given it to him.


If I would have had a teenage boy named "Spring", I would have bumped his bed with my knee as I said "Wakeup Tanman Spring, time to get up, it's NOON!"

He would ask for 5 more minutes, and I would have said, "If you wanna eat, get UP." Then the moon and stars would align, and Spring would give me the stink eye and scuffle his feet around the house for the next 45 minutes.

Spring has been much more like Tanner a teenager, than a sweet dreary eyed little 5 year old. But I think it's finally here, and we are happy as a bunny (a really cold bunny, but a bunny nonetheless).

Yesterday, I did something that I normally do all spring/summer/fall. I went out early-ish in my pajamas, just to walk around the yard and see what new things are popping up, and are my trees still alive?, and where's the signs of spring.


My pitiful little flower bed has been ravaged by not only winter, but voles (that's another post for another day), and desperately needed some dead cleared out of it. So I had an impromptu gardending moment, which resulted in some dirty nails:


Say eww all you want, I was happy with this little sign of spring, that I can sometimes spend a little time outside now, digging in the dirt, pretending like I know things about plants besides "that purple one" and "it has leaves".

So while digging around in the dirt, pretending like I knew something about anything, I stumbled across a little fellow. Remember this guy? Well back in January, the only place available that had any sort of "coverage" was my old dead salvia. He tumbled back into the crevasse between dead leaf #4 and dead branch #96.

Yesterday, I'm wacking away at it, because I see 3 green leaves down there. What pops out from below?


I secretly want to believe it's the same guy I saved 2 months ago.

And I bent down and whispered in his ear "Wake up little callerpitter, time to rise and shine."

He looked up and rubbed his sleepy eyes, then ask for another 5 minutes of sleep, and I caved and given it to him.

This fine 75 degree morning?
He's gone.

I'm pretending like he's out on an adventure, practicing his butterfly maneuvers.

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