Thursday, April 1, 2010

Resistance is futile (and so is whining)

So remember last fall when I found out that a deer had been rubbing my brand new trees out in front of my house?

Well, on my early spring "tree inspection rounds" I discovered more damage.


I'm kind of annoyed.
Actually, I'm really annoyed.

I guess all my trees will have to have tubing put around them for protection. It'll look like I'm trying to grow my own Borg.

(it's a Star Trek reference kids, keep up).


That, and I'm thinking I should get a dog. An annoying one, that barks at critters and loves to eat voles, because the voles had their share of the new trees too! Apparently, they like to eat in the wintertime and have left a nice little ring devoid of bark around the base of every sapling I own.

Which is all of them.

Living in the country, it's not as much upkeep as it it is defending your homestead.

"I am Locutus, you will assimilate"
"Resistance is futile."

(you know, *I* think it's funny, that's all that matters right?)

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