Monday, April 26, 2010

Notable Events

If you are squeemish, there's a snake picture below.
I warned you cuz I'm nice. :p


A few things notable or not, have happened over the past few days:


  • The weather sucked over the weekend. It hailed even for a bit. Rained almost the entire time, so it ruined our plan to finish the coop enough to get the chickens in it.

  • So we did the next best thing, we went antquing:
    Gene played along with the tie. Kinda.


  • He also thinks that this guy looks like someone famous you know. Take a guess. (hint: he's a president)


  • I have decided to try to give up diet coke again. I had quit once for several years, but took it up again, I don't remember why. I do believe that it is not healthy, and can cause problems that I don't want. Plus, just reducing it to one a day, has caused me to not have as much heartburn. Sweet! Water, you and I will be friends soon.

  • There's a cow living up the road that is skunk flavored. Not by scent, but by color. Complete with a stripe all the way down the back, to the tip of the tail.

    I want it.

  • Tanner went to St. Louis with his band over the weekend. He didn't take the expensive camera he bought for just such occasions. Does. Not. Compute.

    I had to pick him up at 1:30 in the morning. Actually, he txted me at 11 p.m. to say they just got to KC, and I said "screw that!" and went to bed. Unfortunately, so did he. He fell asleep on the bus so I didn't get any advance notice that he was near home.

    I appreciate the teachers hanging out with him an extra 20 min while I got into town to get him.

  • Guess who is back:


  • I didn't think the robins would come back this year since I bugged them so much, but slowly they are rebuilding the nest.

  • We picked up our second Angel Food this weekend. Looks like some interesting stuff again. This time I bought a second set for Seth. Since he's 20 and living with several other guys. I figured he'd appreciate something besides Ramen and Mac and Cheese.

    He did.

  • Gene bought me some Paula Deen cookware a couple weeks ago. All of it... in turquoise, my new favorite color. He picked up the dutch oven that I REALLY wanted and we've used it twice. Dutch ovens are awesome stuff. Get one!

  • I spent a good chunk of my day working on paperwork and organizing the file cabinet. Something I've needed to do for like 3 years. Really. I'm not done but 80% there if you don't consider the box of files under Tanner's bed. I'm thinking about 90% of that will go in the trash since I obviously have not needed it for so long.

  • I found this in the trash pile the other day as I was trying to sort and get things thrown away/composted/burned:


Scared me too!
Spiders are worse. I'm ok if I see it before it sees me.

  • I'm so tired still from last night, I'm feeding 4 ducks and 18 chickens and going to bed!


mallorymurray said...

A snake just like that came out of my hostas in my much more suburban yard the other day. Same thing, as long as it's not a complete surprise, I'm not bothered. :)

What's Angel Food?

Lana said...

Hi Mallory!

If you go back a few days, I did a post about Angel Food ministries. It's good affordable food. You buy a package and get a weeks worth of food (for a family of 4) for $30. We've done it twice and it's been pretty good!

I forgot to answer you the other day about the eggs. We just have little hens right now, but down the road, we're hoping for eggs. We might sell some, but will probably share more than we sell. LOL.

Tillie said...

gene is super cute in his bow tie!! Oh and snakes heck no. I have almost gotten bitten by one many times growing up. Was that a chicken snake? I hate all snakes. I know some are good, but seriously NO. Stay safe!

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