Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Giving a pink slip...


Hand washing dishes, YOU are on notice, because there's a new dog in town:



I believe that in all the years of my life, I've had a dishwasher a sum total of about 3 years.

Once when I was a kid we had a dishwasher, but my parents *said* they got rid of it because we fought over who was going to load/unload it. Looking back, I think it just probably broke down and we got the blame.... because really, who gives up a dishwasher?

Someone with 3 kids I guess :p

Then, about 10 years ago, when I was still with the ex, I had *had enough*. I hated doing dishes and it was obvious. There'd be 3-4 days worth sitting there waiting to be done. We got a tax return and I just proclaimed we were spending some money on a dishwasher.


And we did. The ex cut out a cabinet and hooked it up. The next couple days were spent on cleaning every single thing that would go in that dishwasher, including all the stuff that you keep on top of your cabinets for decoration. I remember the dishwasher becoming a turning point in keeping the kitchen much cleaner for me.

Then one day, a fork or something slid out the bottom of the basket and caught the heating element and pulled it out of it's track. The next load, it heated up and melted the bottom of the dishwasher putting a big hole in it.

We tried to fix it, but it was unrepairable, I was devastated. I went back to handwashing, but this time I did better at keeping on top of it.

Then we split up, and I was in a tiny house, with no dishwasher or even room for one.

Later, Gene and I bought this house, and it HAD a dishwasher, that was a big paperweight. I just used it as a place to store my tupperware and that giant thermos that I had not cabinet big enough for.

Several times we talked about going and getting a dishwasher, but TWICE we were talked out of it by the guy at Home Depot. What the... ?

We had a tax return coming, and I suggested once again that we get a dishwasher. So while Gene was getting his doctor ordered tanning session (long story), I went to the local appliance place to where the salesman said, "Are you here looking because of the tax free holiday?"

and I said "Wha?"

He then proceeds to tell me that not only is the state offering a week tax free on some appliances, but the government is giving rebates when you recycle an old appliance.

Hello! I have one of those.
(but where will my tupperware go???)

To top it all off, they were on sale.

So last week, I bought the last appliance we need. I purdy and shiny new dishwasher. Yay! Gene gets it home, we start unwrapping, get the old one out of the hole. Which for the record, involved pulling up flooring, but to be honest, we thought ahead and didn't glue down 3 rows in front of the dishwasher because we knew we'd get a new one someday.

I are smrt.

My heart pounded, as the new one was pushed into the spot where the old one just came out and SUCCESS!! I was so worried it would be to big considering that we put new counters and new trim, and nothing ever seems to fit right here and I was NOT TEARING IT UP!

I then pulled out the 22 step instructions on hooking up the new one and said "let's take the day off and just hire that other guy to do it." and Gene said "Yay!" and we went antiquing instead.

Come tomorrow afternoon,
These beautiful, precious hands will never be wrinkled again.

I hope.

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Brenda said...

Congratulations on your new dishwasher! I am so happy for you.
I know what it's like to stand forever at the sink and wash dishes by hand. I did it for many years growing up and many, many years after I got married and had children. Thank the Lord for dishwashers. Amen.

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