Friday, April 16, 2010

Everyone in the pool!


The ducks were upset that the chickens got to go on a field trip and they did not!

I told them it's because they run way too fast for me to catch them in the yard.
They didn't care.


So I ran some warm water in the sink, and let them have a swim.


My sink is black, and the light was shining in right on the water, so it made for some interesting photos.


I've bought them a pool, which is outside full of water, but the water is not warm enough yet for them to get to go outside.

Maybe when they are older and mind better!!

Here's a little video, mainly for my niece Stephanie that likes to watch the chicken videos.
Hi Stephanie!

I suddenly have the overwhelming urge to set the pool up!


Darcie said...

I just came over from PW and have really loved looking around your blog. Beautiful photos! Also enjoyed the hair show story-my daughter left the country to be a stylist in the city.

Lana said...

Thank you Darcie for coming by!

Tracy said...

Cute little guys

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