Saturday, April 17, 2010

Review - Angel Food Ministries


I wanted to tell you about a program, that you may have never heard of. It's called Angel Food Ministries.

Here's an excerpt from their website:
"Angel Food Ministries is a non-profit, non-denominational organization dedicated to providing food relief and financial support to communities throughout the United States. The program began in 1994 with 34 families in Monroe, Georgia (between Atlanta and Athens), and has grown to serve hundreds of thousands of families every month across 44 states. Angel Food Ministries crosses denominational lines and has spread the good news of the gospel of Christ through salvation tracts that are placed in each food order.

Blessings by the box
Angel Food is available in a quantity that can fit into a medium-sized box at $30 per unit. Each month's menu is different than the previous month and consists of both fresh and frozen items with an average retail value of approximately $60. Comparison shopping has been done across the country in various communities using a wide range of retail grocery stores and has resulted in the same food items costing from between $42 and $78.

Generally, one unit of food assists in feeding a family of four for about one week or a single senior citizen for almost a month. The food is all the same high quality one could purchase at a grocery store. There are no second-hand items, no damaged or out-dated goods, no dented cans without labels, no day-old breads and no produce that is almost too ripe.

Also offered are specialty boxes such as steaks, chicken and pork. Many participants in this bonus program appreciate the expanded choices. Additionally, there is no limit to the number of units or bonus foods an individual can receive, and there are no applications to complete or qualifications to which participants must adhere. Angel Food Ministries also participates in the U.S. Food Stamp program, using the Off-Line Food Stamp Voucher system.

It's both a Bargain and a Blessing!"

I'd heard of this many years ago, and had never taken the time to try it out. You don't have to be on assistance, or poor. Anyone can participate. However, if you are having a hard time, this would be a good way to help make ends meet.

About a month ago, I went to the website again for the 20th time, and saw that they now did online ordering. This was a great option (it costs just a little bit more to do it this way to help defray costs), as it would otherwise mean 2 trips to a special location and I just would never remember twice!

I decided to buy the basic signature pack and we picked it up. I wanted to see how long it would last us (a family of three) and for $30, it fed us supper every single night (and a few lunches for Gene) for over a week. Honestly, we could easily spend this out in a mediocre restaurant for one meal!

There was nothing in it that did not taste good (ok, there was a frozen dinner that I should have doctored up a bit with some extra pasta), everything was very fresh tasting, and we even found a couple things we liked enough that we would start buying them in the store ourselves.

If you are having a hard go at life, and need a little extra wiggle room, $30 might feed you (an individual) for an entire month - not including breakfast items. If you are not having a hard go at life, but are on a budget, or would rather just save your money, then this program might be for you too.

To top it all off, they asked if we had any concerns or prayer needs, which caught us off guard, but shouldn't have considering we were doing our pick up in a church. So if you need a little help in that department too, I'm sure they will be happy to oblige, but I'm pretty certain they would do that whether you bought anything or not.

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Lynn said...

We tried it also before our son was going away to college. He would then be living off campus and not part of the dining hall. He loved the boxes that were for seniors because they were healthy, less salt and fat, and were very convenient.
We ended up loving the brand of frozen vegetables (Allen) that was included. I now buy those veggies exclusively at my supermarket!
Like you said, you don't have to be poor to get these. The ministry makes a profit from all bought so you're helping them!

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